Health, Wealth and Time

There are many retirement articles that focus exclusively on Wealth (creation and spending). Obviously important to the ideas of Wealth is the importance of Time. Specifically, how long it takes to create Wealth and how long it takes to spend it. It seems that an individual’s health is either ignored or assumed.

I have always maintained that people need three things to truly enjoy life: Time, Health and Wealth. Unfortunately:
In your youth you have Time and (generally) Health. Most young folks are not wealthy.
As you embark on building a career and starting a family, You find that you have your Health and at least some modicum of Wealth. But Time is essentially entirely devoted to work and family.
Late in life when the family is grown, the career is successfully behind you, you find that you have have significant Wealth and lots of free Time, but often your Health has taken a hit.
The goal in life is to somehow beat this trap. And that is why people want to retire early: To increase your free Time at an age when you have sufficient Wealth and have not yet lost your Health.

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